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Current News (1/22/11)    



"get your stuff together, come on join the band and have faith in what you know, hold it in your hand"


Welcome to our band


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It's all good.   


We're excited these days.  Lots of good things have come our way.  First, our return to Masonville Bluegrass/Gospel festival, one of our favorites!  And then, we booked an exciting event/venue for playing Downtown Greeley (August 22nd, thank you Greeley Tribune!) then East a bit to Kersey for a classic "Chuckwagon Dinner" venue to raise funds for the Tower 21 project.   A couple of private parties to wrap up the Summer and well.... it's a ........wrap!  Sure has been a joy playing our music for you folks.  Thank you for all of the opportunities.





A bit of inside-the-Band news:

Well, we're at it.  Finally.  Soon.  Hopefully.

Time to put some of these offerings on disc so that you too can take us home with you(!)  August has been a busy season for us, but we're tellin' ya, once the dust settles we'll be fixin' to get to work with recording.  Our hope is that come Spring gigs we'll have CD in hand. 


Previously concerning the September '13 floods:



'round here....

If you live here, you know.  If you don't, you've heard.  Here in Colorado we've gone through a whole lot of hurt a couple three years ago with gettingfires,  floods and the aftermath.  Extreme losses, but in response, beautiful stories of communities coming together, working hand in hand to work at becoming whole again. We are continually rebuilding, rethinking, striving to make lives better again to match this amazing place that we call home.  Keep those affected in your  thoughts and prayers, and strongly consider volunteering wherever you are.  For "head in the clouds but hands in the mud" is a compassionate, rewarding  way to live.  Make a difference in someone else's and YOUR life where you live.  Reach out and do good.  Volunteer. 




Please continue to remember Tim.  Our thoughts are with him every day.  We look forward to the time when he can join us again.

As always, thanks for your interest and support of us and our music. 

and oh yeah....please

Be good to each other.