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"In the greeness of the Springtime"


site updated 6/14/14

Hello Spring!  Nice to see you again.

Spring hopes eternal. =)

The promise (and event)  of warmer weather gets everyone outside, moving and as a band, the music flowing.  We are looking forward to a great season of sharing our music at festivals, fundraisers, picnics, parties and backyard concerts.  Wanna have us?  Give us a jingle. 

'round here....

If you live here, you know.  If you don't, you've heard.  Here in Colorado we've been through a whole lot of hurt this last year with  fires,  floods and the aftermath.  Extreme losses, but in response, beautiful stories of communities coming together, working together to become whole again.  The headlines have faded (and resurfaced with the run-off), but much pain and brokeness continue.  We are rebuilding, making lives whole again.  Keep those affected in your  thoughts and prayers, and strongly consider volunteering for there's still plenty of  work to be done.  "Head in the clouds but hands in the mud" is a compassionate, rewarding  way to live.  Do it where you live.

past notes:


   Meanwhile, back in the living room... 


Ray, Vic and how's-he-get-better-every week? Dustin are still stompin' up a storm  creating new music and retooling  old favorites.  We continue to energize our collective souls by joining in on this wonderous thing we call music and the creation thereof.  We're looking forward to the coming year, seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones through the sharing of our band's craft. 

 Note: Many folks have been approaching us after performances with a requests for recorded music. Honestly, any recordings we've have are now quite dated and frankly don't sound like us!

So, what now?

Well, as for now, we are enjoying being a "live band" but are open to opportunities to record again as they may present themselves.

Guess for now you'll just have to catch us live! =) 


Please continue to remember Tim.  Our thoughts are with him everyday.  We look forward to the time when he can join us again.

 As always, thanks for your interest and support of us and our music. 

and oh yes....please

Be good to each other.