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Current News (1/22/11)    

Hope you like our new pics!

(a big THANKS to Bethany Appelhans, see "links")


site updated 5/13/15


It's all good with the band.  We shared a great evening with Sojourn Mennonite, thank you Susan, Steve and all.  Good to be with you folks!

We are loving the warmer weather and the energy that it brings.  We are looking forward to playing out more and playing OUT more!  Outside that is. =]  Festivals are the lifeblood of bluegrass music, well, that and an occassional banjo(!)  We're working on both. =]  Looking forward to see your smiling faces and tapping toes soon!


Hoping that this season brings goodness into your lives, brightness into your outlook, and a song in your heart.  We will do our best to do our part.  =]  


A bit of inside Band news:

Well, we're at it.  Finally.  After years of our listeners requesting.... we're getting back in the studio.  Needed to record for a  song writing competition (entry made)  motivated the Band to move beyond our "play-it-live-or-don't-play-it mode".  Thanks to Ed Havens for working with us in putting down some tracks.  (if 2 is a couple, and 3 is a few, what is 4?)  We'll be getting back in there soon to lay down more tracks.  


Previously in 2014:

We are one excited band let me tell ya!  We realized a long held dream of ours; playing the main Friday night concert at the MCC Relief Sale in Rocky Ford(!)  THANK YOU ALL!  You were an awesome audience!  We look forward to following up with all the contacts that we made from the Sale and hope that we can play in your town.  Get in touch, let us know! 




'round here....

If you live here, you know.  If you don't, you've heard.  Here in Colorado we've gone through a whole lot of hurt last year with  fires,  floods and the aftermath.  Extreme losses, but in response, beautiful stories of communities coming together, working hand in hand to become whole again.  This week is the one year anniversary of the flood.  We are continually rebuilding, rethinking, striving to make lives whole again.  Keep those affected in your  thoughts and prayers, and strongly consider volunteering wherever you are.  For "head in the clouds but hands in the mud" is a compassionate, rewarding  way to live.  Make a difference in someone else's and YOUR life where you live.


past notes:

  Meanwhile, back in the living room... 

 Ray, Vic and Dustin (how's he get better every week?!) are still stompin' up a storm  creating new music and retooling  old favorites.  We continue to energize our collective souls by joining in on this wondrous thing we call music and the creation thereof.  We're looking forward to upcoming events, seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones through the sharing of our band's craft.   


Please continue to remember Tim.  Our thoughts are with him everyday.  We look forward to the time when he can join us again.

 As always, thanks for your interest and support of us and our music. 

and oh yes....please

Be good to each other.